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The letters, emails, tributes and photos that are flowing in are so wonderfully healing for us to read. Many have asked to express their appreciation for these special words. Thank you, thank you, thank you.....

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  Lucia Mayo
Member of ACT Greens
October 30, 2010
I am grieved and devastated over Charlie's death.He had so much warmth, so much life , so much enthusiasm for important causes. It is a sad loss indeed to us all. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. Lucia
  Bob Makinson

October 30, 2010
It was a lesser wave that took our friend.
Not the great one just a small wave, on a perfect day.
The glory of a coral reef, far away, is richer now for the colours of his life.
And so are we.

Friends gathered in several cities when they heard.
Some have not yet heard.
Some have heard, but are alone.
They are not alone.
We will all gather soon.
Times like this, the mobile phone proves its worth,
but love has a stronger call.

Life comes from the sun and from the ocean, and to earth and air and water we return.
We went down to the sea that afternoon, it seemed the natural thing to do.
Between grief and rage, we wanted to hate the sea, the same sea that took him away, the shining sea we have loved all our lives, a sea that today is as gentle as as warm as as blue
It is the same sea,
and hate has no place here;
we stood in salt water
and added our tears.

Our friend, this friend of ours
there are a thousand words for what he was, and is,
but there is no single word.
Are people like him so rare that our language has no word?
We must look elsewhere.
Mahatma great soul.
Who welcomes the stranger
who creates community where was none
who gives vision
who makes the unthought, possible
who makes the possible occur
who is warm
who kindles warmth in others
who gives of himself
who leads others to give, freely, gladly
whose commitment was unshakeable
to peace
to freedom
to love
who gives us strength
and always will.

21 January 2005
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This will go to Andrew (Charlie's brother) and Anna-marie (tech support). 
Mailing address: 36 Upper Cliff Road, Northwood, 2066, NSW.